Brazilian Jiu Jitsu federation IBJJF Championship

Congratulations Antanas Jazbutis (In the middle) who wins his First International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu federation IBJJF Championship and become Nr 1st Gold medalist in Black belt Middleweight Master 1 No Gi division at London- British National Christal palace United Kingdom” 25/06/2017 by submitting very tuff brazilian black belts in semi and finale.

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Raged UK Jamie Reynolds Vs Antanas Jazbutis

NAGA London- United Kingdom

Antanas Jazbutis (In the middle) wins his First North America Grappling Associasion ( NAGA) 1st Gold medal and Champions belt in Brown belt lightweight 76kg Master Gi 1 division “NAGA London- United Kingdom” 25/04/2015


“London Winter Open”


Antanas Jazbutis wins his Intenattional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ( IBJJF) 1st Gold medal in Brown belt lightweight 76kg Master 1 division “London Winter Open” 21/02/2015

The last Professional fight in “Adrenalin Outlow” MMA cage tournament

The last Professional fight in “Adrenalin Outlow” MMA cage tournament was betwen local Welsh MMA star, pro fighter David “One More” Round(14-11-0)  against Lithuanian Antanas Jazbutis (19-20-0) Coming into this fight Jazbutis had a reputation as one of the country’s UK toughest journeymen however the absensce from competition he has had over the last seven months has saw him improve massively.

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M4tC 13 – Nemesis

The first of the professional title fights saw Paul Cook look to defend his title against Antanas Jazbutis. Coming into this fight Jazbutis had a reputation as one of the country’s toughest journeymen however the absensce from competition he has had over the last seven months has saw him improve massively.
From the off Jazbutis showed some great improvements in his ground game. After been taken down by Cook early in the first he was able to take the local favourite’s back, something which he would do over and over in this fight. Cook showed some great submission defence as he fought off a choke attempt and was eventually able to turn into Jazbutis and get back to his feet but it wasn’t long before Jazbutis was able to trip him and again find himself on Cook’s back. Continue Reading

International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu IBJJF

Intenational Brazilian Jiu Jitsu IBJJF 3rd place Bronze in “IBJJF London Open” 19/10/2013
International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu IBJJF No Gi Champion 1 st place Gold in ” IBJJF London
Open” 20/10/2013

Antanas Jazbutis vs. Sean May

Jazbutis and May met in a 73kg catchweight bout in the first professional bout of the evening.
Jazbutis set the tone early with a takedown straight from the first bell, May defended it momentarily but that was as good as it got for him during the opening stanza. Jazbutis spent the round in May’s guard landing several short, sharp strikes with fists and elbows both finding a home. May wasn’t going to lie down and take it as he scored with a few of his own from the bottom, as the round wore on Jazbutis was the busier of the two as he carried on scoring points right up until the 5:00 mark.

Round two started in the same vain as the first. Jazbutis closed the distance between the men with strikes and he shot in for the takedown, again May defended briefly but the classy Lithuanian took the fight exactly where he wanted it to go. May tried to explode out but Jazbutis’ experience and technique kept May exactly where he wanted him. With May underneath him he quickly moved to half guard and briefly thought about working for an arm-triangle. May defends and Jazbutis lets it go and lands more strikes from the top, May stalls the action as he ties Jazbutis up and Leon Roberts stands the men up. With ten seconds left Jazbutis tries a couple of crazy spinning kicks but neither land as the round comes to an end.

Déjà vu at the start of the third as Jazbutis takes May down once more and instantly hops from side control to mount in the blink of an eye. Jazbutis is in total control of the bout as he lands more strikes and elbows from the top, May’s eye is now looking a mess but Jazbutis is relentless with the ground and pound. May doing a good job of protecting himself, he’s showing the warrior spirit that he possesses as he grits his teeth to see this through to the end. Jazbutis’ constant pressure could have seen many a man crumble before now as he lands more horrible looking elbows from the top. The last ten seconds sound and this has been a textbook performance from the Staydown FC Lightweight Champion, Antanas Jazbutis.

Winner: Antanas Jazbutis via Unanimous Decision, Round 3, 5:00

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Staydown FC VII: AddictedMMA Event Review

Antanas Jazbutis vs. Brad Wheeler

Time these men entered the cage the tone had been set for the evening with some superb bouts previously and this one followed suite. Wheeler quickly took the middle of the cage and started throwing the jab out; Jazbutis timed one to perfection, slipped it and pushed Wheeler against the cage. From there it was a real battle for position as both men tried to implement their gameplan upon the other. Jazbutis scored two takedowns but Wheeler popped straight back up both times, as Jazbutis looked for takedown number three he left his neck out and Wheeler locked onto it. Feeling he had the guillotine tight he pulled guard, unfortunately in doing so he lost the hold and the last 10 seconds of the bout saw Jazbutis on top landing hard punches straight to Wheeler’s head.

Jazbutis took the fight to the floor straight to the mat at the start of the second and sat in Wheeler’s guard looking to land more ground and pound. Wheeler wasn’t prepared to just take it though and was actively looking for something off his back. However each submission Wheeler attempted was met with brutal hammerfists from Jazbutis. Weathering those shots Wheeler made his way back to his feet and the pair clinched against the cage. With not a lot happening Howard Hughes separated the men and Wheeler landed three hard shots that saw Jazbutis clinch and take the fight against the cage once more. Wheeler looks for another guillotine and it looks tighter than the first, Wheeler drops to the mat once more and Jazbutis looks in trouble. However he guts it out and eventually frees himself and lands a big shot to Wheeler’s head right on the bell. Continue Reading

Strength & Honor XIII event review

In the evenings first professional bout Antanas Jazbutis showed all of his experience in his fight against Dave Smith. After an attempted spinning head kick narrowly missed its target Jazbutis took Smith to the floor where he assumed side control, landing knees to Smith’s ribs opened up an opportunity to take the back which Jazbutis jumped at.

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