M4tC 13 – Nemesis

The first of the professional title fights saw Paul Cook look to defend his title against Antanas Jazbutis. Coming into this fight Jazbutis had a reputation as one of the country’s toughest journeymen however the absensce from competition he has had over the last seven months has saw him improve massively.
From the off Jazbutis showed some great improvements in his ground game. After been taken down by Cook early in the first he was able to take the local favourite’s back, something which he would do over and over in this fight. Cook showed some great submission defence as he fought off a choke attempt and was eventually able to turn into Jazbutis and get back to his feet but it wasn’t long before Jazbutis was able to trip him and again find himself on Cook’s back.
Cook’s best moment in the fight came early in the second round when he wobbled Jazbutis with a straight right hand. He gave chase and attempted to pounce on his opponent’s neck with a guillotine however he was unsuccessful and wound up on his back. Jazbutis again worked his way on to Cook’s back and despite Cook’s best efforts he was unable to get Jazbutis off of him.
Cook came into the third knowing he needed to finish the fight to keep his belt and came out looking to land hard and often. He began stalking his opponent but it wasn’t long before Jazbutis got another takedown and found himself on Cook’s back. He gave up the position to attempt an arm-triangle but this gave Cook the opportunity to stand up. He wasn’t on his feet for long though as Jazbutis got another takedown and finished the fight landing ground and pound from inside Cook’s half-guard.
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