Articles from: January 2013

Staydown FC VII: AddictedMMA Event Review

Antanas Jazbutis vs. Brad Wheeler

Time these men entered the cage the tone had been set for the evening with some superb bouts previously and this one followed suite. Wheeler quickly took the middle of the cage and started throwing the jab out; Jazbutis timed one to perfection, slipped it and pushed Wheeler against the cage. From there it was a real battle for position as both men tried to implement their gameplan upon the other. Jazbutis scored two takedowns but Wheeler popped straight back up both times, as Jazbutis looked for takedown number three he left his neck out and Wheeler locked onto it. Feeling he had the guillotine tight he pulled guard, unfortunately in doing so he lost the hold and the last 10 seconds of the bout saw Jazbutis on top landing hard punches straight to Wheeler’s head.

Jazbutis took the fight to the floor straight to the mat at the start of the second and sat in Wheeler’s guard looking to land more ground and pound. Wheeler wasn’t prepared to just take it though and was actively looking for something off his back. However each submission Wheeler attempted was met with brutal hammerfists from Jazbutis. Weathering those shots Wheeler made his way back to his feet and the pair clinched against the cage. With not a lot happening Howard Hughes separated the men and Wheeler landed three hard shots that saw Jazbutis clinch and take the fight against the cage once more. Wheeler looks for another guillotine and it looks tighter than the first, Wheeler drops to the mat once more and Jazbutis looks in trouble. However he guts it out and eventually frees himself and lands a big shot to Wheeler’s head right on the bell. Continue Reading

Strength & Honor XIII event review

In the evenings first professional bout Antanas Jazbutis showed all of his experience in his fight against Dave Smith. After an attempted spinning head kick narrowly missed its target Jazbutis took Smith to the floor where he assumed side control, landing knees to Smith’s ribs opened up an opportunity to take the back which Jazbutis jumped at.

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